Water Conservation

City of Pleasant Hill Water Conservation Measures

Water conservation is a critical issue currently, and the City is playing its part in minimizing its impact on water supplies. Beginning this year, the Maintenance Division has implemented a program which uses only reclaimed (recycled) water from the Contra Costa Sanitary District to irrigate all of the landscaped medians and other public areas throughout the city.
The City Hall pond, lawn and landscaping are all irrigated using ground water pumped from a well below the City Council chambers. The City only uses potable (drinking) water within City Hall offices, the Police Department and the Public Services Center building.
If you have any questions or concerns about the City’s water conservation program, please contact Ann James, Maintenance Superintendent, at (925) 671-5244 or email.

PH Recreation & Park District Water Conservation

The Pleasant Hill Recreation & Park District continues to find ways to balance water conservation and reduce consumption with the goal of providing you the finest parks and recreation programs possible.

The District’s major facilities - Pleasant Hill Park, Pleasant Oaks Park, Chilpancingo Park, College Park High fields, Valley View Middle School, Senior Center and the Community Center - utilize reclaimed water which keeps the fields green and in playable condition, and preserves the landscaping. In some parks however, the District will drastically reduce irrigation in an effort to preserve this precious resource. This means that these parks may look a little different. Your understanding and patience is greatly appreciated.
If you have any questions about the District water use in parks and landscape areas, please contact Tom Bradley, Park Superintendent at (925) 671-4649 or email .

Conservation Tips and Information

1conservewater.jpgMost Pleasant Hill residents are serviced by Contra Costa Water District. The District has a number of rebate programs to help customers reduce water usage and save money on their water bills. The Conservation Page on the District's website has details on all of these programs as well as many tips on how to save water for residents and business owners.

East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) provides water to about twenty percent of homes in Pleasant Hill. The District also has an excellent Water Conservation Page on it's website with a calculator to estimate what your usage should be and other information on rebate programs and water saving techniques.