Illicit Discharge or Spill

“Only rainwater goes down the storm drain” - Reporting an Illicit Discharge or Spill into the storm drain system. 

The City of Pleasant Hill Storm Water Program and the Federal Clean Water Act prohibit discharging anything other than rainwater into a storm drain. 

The purpose of the Stormwater Program is to eliminate pollutants, such as oil, antifreeze, inorganic materials, paint, pesticides, chemicals, dirt, trash, pet waste and other harmful contaminants from entering the storm drain system. Pollutants such as these enter the waterways very easily during a storm event when urban runoff carries these contaminates down the storm drain network into the Bay where it harms fish and wildlife.

Call 1-800-NO-DUMPING if you see a spill or illegal discharge happening.

If the problem is not immediate, please call the City of Pleasant Hill Engineering Division at 925-671-5264.

Stopping water pollution is something that everyone can and needs to get involved with. If you see illicit discharges, spills or dumping in storm drains and water ways or other issues that are in violation of clean water statues please report it.  Below are a few things you can do to help us keep our creeks clean and harm free for future generations.

  • Use correct waste bins and recycling facilities to dispose any unwanted items;
  • Buy environmentally safe chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers and cleaning liquids;
  • For household hazardous waste disposal please contact Central Contra Costa Sanitary District (Central San) at 800-646-1431 or visit their website for more information.