November 8, 2016 Election


2016 Candidate Statements

The following candidates were nominated for the Pleasant Hill offices to be filled at the Municipal Election held in the City of Pleasant Hill on Tuesday, November 8, 2016. The nominees are listed below in the order they appeared on the ballot as determined by the random alphabet drawing conducted by the Secretary of State's Office.

City Councilmember:​
Matthew Rinn
Ken Carlson
​Jonathon S. Feit
​Tim Flaherty

Candidate Statements for Matthew Rinn, Ken Carlson, and Tim Flaherty are available by clicking on the candidate's name above. Mr. Feit elected not to submit a Candidate Statement.

City Treasurer Mark W. Celio (Incumbent) appeared on the ballot, but was uncontested. Mr. Celio elected not to submit a Candidate Statement.

Each candidate subscribed to the City of Pleasant Hill's Fair Campaign Pledge. Copies are available in the City Clerk's Office located at 100 Gregory Lane.