General Plan


The Pleasant Hill 2040 General Plan is a long-range plan that guides decision-making and establishes rules and standards for new development and city improvements. It reflects the city’s vision for the future and is intended to provide direction through the year 2040. The 2040 Pleasant Hill General Plan seeks to provide future opportunities for innovative development types, expanded economic development, the creation of unique growth areas, and upgraded public facilities and services, making the city the best place to live in the Bay Area. 

The link to the adopted General Plan can be accessed at the link below:

Pleasant Hill General Plan

The link to the associated Environmental Impact Report that was completed for the General Plan can be viewed below:

Pleasant Hill General Plan Draft EIR
Pleasant Hill General Plan Final EIR
Pleasant Hill General Plan - Mitigation Monitoring Reporting Program

The City also has a website dedicated to the General Plan process, including the Housing Element.  More information about the process, including various document can be viewed through the link below (