Current Housing Element

The Housing Element establishes policies for the community to ensure that all that is publicly possible is being done to provide safe, decent housing for its current and future residents. The City of Pleasant Hill last updated its Housing Element in 2015. In accordance with State law, this Housing Element covers the period from January 31, 2015, through January 31, 2023. Article 10.6 of the California Government Code requires each city and county to analyze housing needs and establish goals, policies, programs, and quantified objectives to meet the identified needs. The analysis must address all economic segments of the community, the city’s share of the regional housing need, and the housing needs of special groups such as the elderly, disabled, homeless, large families, and single parents. The City must either identify vacant or redevelopable sites that can provide sufficient housing to meet these needs, or include programs in the Housing Element to identify additional sites or make additional land available for housing.

The fair share regional housing needs for this Housing Element were determined by the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) using a methodology developed through numerous public hearings. The methodology considers many factors, such as projected increases in jobs, housing/jobs balance, vacant land and historic growth patterns. These and other figures are derived from the California Department of Finance and ABAG’s annual Projections. With the methodology, ABAG divided the large State-assigned housing number for the Bay Area, into smaller amounts that were allocated to each jurisdiction in the Bay Area. This number is known as the Regional Housing Needs Determination (RHND) and is a combination of housing units for each income class: extremely-low, very-low, low, moderate and above-moderate. It is important to note that the City of Pleasant Hill is not expected to produce all of the assigned units. It is assumed that production of housing will be carried out by the private sector and is affected by market conditions and other factors beyond the City’s control. However, the City must create conditions through zoning and land use policies that promote the production of housing units in all of the listed income categories

Please click on this LINK to view the City's latest adopted Housing Element.