Sherman Acres


Sherman Acres is situated on what used to be Sherman Army Airfield, a small airfield dedicated in 1941 and used during WWII. 

On May 11, 1941 the airfield opened as an airport and flying school. The airport was located on the east side of Contra Costa Highway and straddled present day Monument Boulevard. Sherman Field was located northeast of the intersection of Contra Costa Boulevard and Monument Boulevard.

The 107-acre airfield was named after Dr. Samuel R. Sherman, who helped to provide the financing for the airfield. The field had two 2,800' runways in an X-shape, with two hangars. In 1942 they started navigation and instrument flight training with two Stinson Reliants and a Waco VKS-7. Use of the field for navigation and instrument flight training ended in 1944. After World War II it operated as a civilian airport. The airport property was sold in 1950 for real estate development.

Interstate 680 has been built through the center of the former airport and not a trace of the former airport appears to remain.

 Houses have been built on the former property and a drive-in movie theatre once occupied the western end of the field, but it is now a shopping center. However, if you look at the small neighborhood park in Sherman Acres, you’ll likely find a small play structure that pays homage to the airfield.

Black and white shot of the airfield with a plane landing in foreground and hangars in background
Black and White aerial view of airstrip.  A wide open area surrounded by farm fields.
Color photo of a park located on the site now and one of the children's toys is an airplane
(Above) one of the few symbolic remnants of the airfield sits in this small playground, where youngsters can ride a toy airplane, their imaginations taking them up into the clouds. 
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