Heat Pump Water Heater Permitting Materials

City Logo The City of Pleasant Hill offers three resources to assist contractors and homeowners with obtaining a successful HPWH Permit. The resources are provided below:  

>>> Residential Building Permit & Zoning Application (download)
HPWH Permit Supplemental Template (download)
2022 HPWH Building Code Assistance Sheet (download)  
Electrical Load Estimator (download)

HPWH Permit Supplemental Template
The HPWH Supplemental Template is designed to give applicants a functional and easy to use sheet to fill out and submit a permit. The template provides users the ability to upload an image of site and floor outline via clicking the light blue field and selecting the file location on a user’s computer.

HPWH Permit Supplement Template_Final

Download HPWH Template

2022 HPWH Building Code Assistance Sheet
The 2022 HPWH Building Code Assistance Sheet was built off a previous
effort from BayREN. The 2022 HPWH Building Code Assistance Sheet provides educational information for contractors, installers, and the public to demonstrate code compliance for single family buildings.

2019 HPWH Building Code Assistance Sheet Page 001 

>Download Assistance Sheet

Electrical Load Estimator
The Electrical Load Estimator is a load calculation tool for users to demonstrate code compliance.

Electrical Load Estimator

>Download Estimator


> BAYREN Heat Pump Water Heaters Rebates & Financing