City Landscaping

Maintenance personnel install and maintain trees, shrubs, turf, and irrigation systems to keep Pleasant Hill green. Recycled water is used in many areas throughout the City. Irrigation systems are programmed to maximize efficiency.

Current projects include re-landscaping 17 medians, mostly along Contra Costa Boulevard to remove turf, and replace it with drought-tolerant plants. This will renew and enhance the appearance of City streets.

Trees & Debris

Maintenance crews help keep the roadways clear of debris, such as fallen tree limbs. If you see a tree branch or large debris in the road, call the Maintenance Division at (925) 671-4646.

Creek Maintenance

There are approximately 13 miles of creeks within Pleasant Hill. Residents are responsible for keeping the creeks adjacent to their property clean and flowing. City Maintenance personnel conduct an annual survey of the creeks to ensure that all debris and vegetation has been removed.