Streets, Storm Drains, & Graffiti

New signage

Street Signs

Maintenance personnel create and install street and directional signs throughout the City. If you notice that a street sign is damaged or missing, please contact the Maintenance Division at (925) 671-4646.

Street Maintenance

The street maintenance section:
  • Identifies, maintains, and repairs current and potential street paving failures
  • Completes pothole repairs and pavement markings for the 110 miles of streets in Pleasant Hill
  • Performs annual crack sealing and base repairs in support of an annual resurfacing and slurry seal capital improvement project

Street Lights

  • Street lights in Pleasant Hill are maintained by PG&E
  • Maintenance personnel help PG&E monitor the street lighting on major streets; outages are reported to PG&E for repair
  • Malfunctioning street lights in residential neighborhoods should be reported directly to PG&E or contact the City's Maintenance Division at (925) 671-4646

Storm Drains

Maintenance personnel inspect, clean, and maintain the 1,500 storm drains in Pleasant Hill, covering over 150 miles of piping systems, to keep them free of debris so storm water flows freely.

Graffiti Reports

The Maintenance Division:
  • Identifies property owners
  • Removes graffiti
  • Works with Police to prevent future property damage

Street Sweeping

For information about street sweeping, please visit the street sweeping page.