Code Enforcement

Filing a Complaint with the Code Enforcement Unit (CEI)

You may file a complaint online here

 The Code Enforcement Unit can be reached at (925) 671-5207. 
  • You may call and leave a message at the above listed number anytime day or night
  • When leaving a message please include
    • Your name and telephone number (you will remain anonymous) as we may require additional information
    • Please speak clearly and distinctly when leaving this information
    • Address of the violation
    • Type of violation you believe to be happening
  • CEI verifies all complaints
    • Then issues a violation notification letter if appropriate
    • For minor violations a yellow door hanger may be attached to the door of the home to advise the occupant of their violation
    • If a violation notification is sent we allow 10+ days to make the correction and we do allow additional time in the event of unusual circumstances
    • If violations are not corrected a second contact is made and an administrative citation maybe issued after that
    • Citations are only issued as a last resort, CEI strives for and prefers voluntary cooperation
  • If the case should go to court, your name is kept confidential unless subpoenaed by the court. As of this date no complainant’s name has ever been revealed or requested by the court

Violation Notices from the Code Enforcement Unit

If you receive any violation notice advising you that your property is not in compliance you may call CEI.
  • We can discuss the situation
  • Visit your property with you
  • Grant an extension of time, if possible
  • Help you find a solution to your problem

What We Do Not Investigate

Code Enforcement investigates private property violations only. We do not investigate:
  • In progress criminal violations
  • Cars abandoned or illegally parked on a city street
  • Loud parties
Please contact the Pleasant Hill Police Department at, (925) 288-4600, for these or similar violations. For emergencies, dial 9-1-1

Allowable on Private Property in Pleasant Hill

  • Motor coaches
  • Boats
  • Trailers may be parked on the driveway or side access of a home as long as they are on a rocked, asphalted and/or paved surface

Examples of Code Enforcement Violations

  • Abandoned dilapidated homes or buildings that pose a possible hazard
  • Vehicles parked on the lawn areas of a residential home
  • Working on vehicles in the driveway of the residence, (minor repairs such as plugs or oil changes may be done if safeguards are taken to prevent oil spillage. Brakes, tires, motor repair and/or removal are not allowed unless done in the garage of the home
  • Graffiti
  • Site distance hazards
  • Trash, debris and junk strewn about the property
  • Inoperable and/or public nuisance vehicles parked on private property (22651 CA Vehicle Code)
  • Vehicles that are wrecked, dismantled, junk fall in this category as well
  • CEI does not take registration into consideration nor is it an issue