City Treasurer

The elected City Treasurer resigned effective November 12, 2021. The City Council voted to appoint Andrew Kalinowski as the Interim City Treasurer to fill the vacancy until a new City Treasurer elected by Pleasant Hill voters in the November 2022 General (Municipal) Election is certified.

The first City Treasurer was appointed by Council and the voters voted to keep it as an elected position in 1962. The Treasurer is elected to a four year term on the November of each even numbered year and is responsible for the safekeeping of the City's cash.

The City Treasurer works works with the City Finance Department in accounting for all revenues and expenditures; administers the treasury functions for the City; maintains the City's investment portfolio; makes investments; monitors dily cash flow; and updates the City's investment policy annually. The City Treasurer has the authority to invest money in eligible securities authorized by government code and the City's investment policy.

The City Treasurer position is required by the CA Government CodeUnder California Government Code Section 41002:  

“(a) The city treasurer shall comply with all laws governing the deposit and securing of public funds and the handling of trust funds in his or her possession.

(b) If the city has issued bonds, the city treasurer shall use a system of accounting and auditing that adheres to generally accepted accounting principles.”

Click here to read the City Treasurer position description in the CA Government Code.