Engineering Division

The Engineering Division is responsible for the design, development and construction of private and public infrastructure and facilities along with traffic operations and transportation planning.

The Engineering Division is excited to announce the launch of the City’s new online permit management system.

PHill Online Service Center

PHill Online Service Center is the city's website for permitting. This multi-faceted site includes various features such as:

  • Applying for Encroachment & Grading permits (including uploading plans)
  • Paying Fees
  • Scheduling Inspections

All new users must register for an account.  A log-in is required to apply for a permit or schedule an inspection.  Once logged in, all permits tied to the account will be available to view.

Below is a "How to" guide to better assist you with navigating the PHill Online Service Center.  If you have questions about the portal or experience any problems please contact 925-671-5264.

After creating an online account, you can begin submitting permit applications electronically through the PHill Online Service Center.  The customer will complete the permit application form and then be prompted to upload any required plans and other documents through the portal.  The permit will then move into plan review.

If corrections or additional information is required, notification will be sent using the contact email address provided on the application.  Once the permit is ready for issuance, the applicant will be notified of the fees due, which can be paid online through the PHill Online Service Center.    

The Encroachment Permit checklist is a useful tool to help you assemble the information and documents needed to complete your online application. 

Additional Encroachment Permit Information

Questions regarding Encroachment Permits can be emailed here

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