Capital Improvement Program (CIP)

The Capital Improvement Program is created as part of the biennial budge process.  It is the planning document through which the City identifies the capital projects that should be funded in the biennial budget and identifies a tentative list of projects to fund three to five years in the future.  The City Council provides direction to staff on modifications, then adopts a final CIP.  In a separate but linked action, the City Council approves the capital improvement project fund budgets that are part of the complete biennial budget.  

Project Prioritization
The CIP is financially constrained as the cost of all potential projects exceeds available funding.  Projects to maintain, renew, or replace existing capital assets or to build entirely new facilities are funded by many sources.  City staff has used the following criteria to prioritize projects;
 - Improve health, welfare, safety, environment and meet regulatory or mandated requirements
- Project funded with outside grant funds which may be forfeited if the project is not completed; 
- Extend asset longevity, asset condition, and reduce annual recurring costs;
- Result in good community investment and economic prosperity;
- Improve community image for a residential, commercial, or industrial district; and 
- Support sustainability and provide water or energy conservation.

For questions related to the CIP please contact Deirdre Castillo, Senior Civil Engineer at 
925-671-5251 or Email

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