Traffic Engineering

Traffic Engineering works to improve safety and mobility for those traveling on the City's street network.  

The division includes:

  • Traffic signals and beacons
  • Traffic signing and striping
  • Pedestrian crossing
  • Bicycle facilities
  • Curbside management including on-street parking
  • Neighborhood traffic calming
  • Traffic data such as volume and speeds
  • Transportation impact review
  • Traffic Safety Commission support

The Traffic Division works collaboratively with Engineering Services, Planning, Maintenance and the Police Department.

rm For questions or concerns please contact the Traffic Division at 925-671-5264 or Email Transportation Manager, Ryan McClain.  Residents can also submit an enquiry through the City's online service PHill

The department has established a Traffic Calming Policy to address speeding issues in residential neighborhoods.

Contra Costa County 511 E-Bike Rebate Program

Pleasant Hill residents are eligible for a rebate up to $300 for a new electric bicycle or conversion kit to help give your existing bike an electric boost.  E-Bikes help riders reduce the stress of long rides and are a green alternative to short vehicle trips in town.  This grant program is funded through the Bay Area Air Quality Management District and are available for E-bikes purchased after October 1, 2020 on a first-come, first-served basis.