Used Motor Oil & Filters

Why Recycle Used Motor Oil & Filters?

Used oil is a hazardous waste that should never be put in the garbage or dumped in the storm drains or ground.  Only ¼ gallon of motor oil can contaminate 250,000 gallons of water.

Used Oil Curbside Recycling Collection

The Pleasant Hill curbside recycling program collects used oil and used oil filters from your home at the curb.

** Special Note:

  • By law, transportation of motor oil cannot exceed 5 gallons per container with a maximum of 15 gallons per trip (three 5 gallon containers).
  • Most drop-off facilities won't accept more than 5 gallons per visit.
  • Do not mix motor oil with other automotive fluids.

Used Oil Recycling at the HHW Facility

The Mt. View Sanitary District Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility will take your used motor oil & oil filters.

Locate a Used Oil Recycling Center Near You


Many businesses will accept used motor oil free. 

In fact State-certified used oil collection centers will pay you to recycle – 16 cents per gallon!

Use the California Integrated Waste Management Board’s locator tool to search by city, county or zip code.

Contra Costa County Used Motor & Filters Website

Find the answers and know the facts about how you can properly dispose of used motor oil & filters

Recycle Used Motor Oil

Recycle Used Oil Filters