Sidewalk Repair

Property Owners are Responsible for Sidewalks in the City of Pleasant Hill

Residents should be aware that they are responsible for repairing or reconstructing sidewalks adjacent to their property if the sidewalk becomes cracked or liable thereby creating a tripping hazard.

Like most cities, the City of Pleasant Hill follows California Streets and Highways Code 5600 and the City’s Municipal Code 7.25 Sidewalk Maintenance regarding the repair, maintenance and construction of public sidewalks. Under state law, maintenance of the sidewalk is the responsibility of the adjacent property owner, even though the sidewalk may be in the City’s right-of-way.

Residents who would like to have someone look at the sidewalk adjacent to their property or report sidewalk hazards should contact the information line at (925) 671-5250. 

While the City doesn’t have the resources to maintain sidewalks, it does fund the following programs that address various sidewalk deficiencies:

1. City’s Sidewalk Repair Program –Typically every 2 years the City hires a contractor to make repairs adjacent to City properties. At this same time City staff will inspect for sidewalk hazards in one of the four designated City Sidewalk Zones. Property owners adjacent to sidewalk hazards from this inspection are given notices to repair the sidewalk. In this case the property owners are offered the opportunity to use the City hired contractor at their provided sidewalk repair prices. These sidewalk repair prices are typically lower because the City hired contractor will have better pricing based on their higher volume of work within the City Sidewalk project.

Residents with damaged sidewalks during the City’s Sidewalk Repair Program can contact the City to see if the damage is going to be repaired as part this program. If this is not the case, residents can also inquire about including their sidewalk repair job in the Citywide Sidewalk Program, which greatly reduces the cost of the repair. This option has several benefits:

  • The cost can be less than hiring a private contractor to fix the sidewalk due to the economies of scale; the City’s construction contract is based on a large number of projects.
  • Residents joining this program will not be required to obtain and pay for an encroachment permit and the related inspection fees. The improvements will be inspected by City inspectors at City’s cost.
  • The City contractor is bonded/insured (not true of all private contractors)
  • The City contractor provides a one-year warranty, during which period the contractor will repair any defects (not all private contractors provide this warranty)

2. New Citywide Sidewalk Installation Program – Funded with local funds, this program is used to address accessibility problems in sidewalks and close sidewalk gaps throughout the city. This program is primary source for required City’ cost share for Safe Routes to School grant type project. The City’s Capital Improvement Plan is available on our web site and lists a number of desired sidewalk projects under this program.

3. Storm Drain Facility Maintenance Program – This program is funded with National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) funds. The program repairs and replaces deteriorated and non-functional facilities. Funds from this programs are not typically available for sidewalk repair, but it does replace damaged curb and gutters, excluding damage by property owner trees, utilities or misuse by others.

4. ADA Improvement Program – This program is funded with Gas Tax monies and provides for the construction of curb ramps and removal of other barriers throughout the City.