Sidewalk Repair

Who is responsible for maintaining the sidewalk in front of my home?

Damaged sidewalks are the responsibility of the adjacent property owner as stated in the California Streets and Highways Code (Streets and Highways Code 5610 et. seq.) The City of Pleasant Hill also requires that the property owner maintain the sidewalk adjacent to their property (Municipal Code 7.25 Sidewalk Maintenance), even though the sidewalk may be in the City's right-of-way.  

Residents who would like to have the sidewalk adjacent to their property inspected or would like to report sidewalk hazards should contact the information line at (925) 671-5250. 

Does the City have a Sidewalk Repair Program?

Yes.  Periodically, the City hires a contractor to make repairs adjacent to City properties. At this same time City staff will inspect for sidewalk hazards in one of the four designated City Sidewalk Zones. Property owners adjacent to sidewalk hazards from this inspection are given notices to repair the sidewalk. In this case, the property owners are offered the opportunity to use the City hired contractor at their provided sidewalk repair prices. It should be noted that using a City Contractor is only an option when a Sidewalk Repair Program is in construction.  This option has several benefits:

  • The cost can be less than hiring a private contractor to fix the sidewalk due to the economies of scale; the City’s construction contract is based on a large number of projects.
  • Residents will not be required to obtain and pay for an encroachment permit and the related inspection fees. The improvements will be inspected by City inspectors at the City’s cost.
  • The City contractor is bonded/insured (not true of all private contractors)
  • The City contractor provides a one-year warranty, during which period the contractor will repair any defects (not all private contractors provide this warranty)

Sidewalk Program

The City has a sidewalk gap closure program to construct new ADA compatible sidewalk and curb ramps throughout the city using available local funds. This program address accessibility problems in sidewalks and provides continuous safe routes for pedestrians to access their neighborhood and city facilities.   This program has limited funds and the improvement areas are prioritized based on pedestrian volumes, proximity to schools, parks and community attractions.